Brexit & The Media Sector: Part 3

Required to comply but no longer able to influence: Caroline Povah discusses the areas where continuing to trade with the EU might leave limited scope for change in part three of...

Brexit & The Media Sector: Part 2

In part two of our Brexit & The Media series Caroline Povah looks at some of the pros and cons of Brexit for the media sector.

Brexit & The Media Sector: Part 1

In the first of our three part series looking at the impact of Brexit on the media sector, Caroline Povah and the MediaWrites team give a short overview of the UK...

Classification of Video Games in Australia – A More Restrictive Approach

Background of classification in Australia The effect of a Refused Classification (RC) is a complete ban on the game in Australia, which means that the game cannot be sold, hired, advertised or...

Welcome to MediaWrites

Phil Sherrell, head of Bird & Bird's international Media, Entertainment and Sport sector, introduces MediaWrites.

Pin-Ping Oh explains new site blocking measures in Singapore

Singapore-based associate Pin-Ping Oh explains Singapore's new Copyright Act, which makes it possible for copyright holders to apply to block websites which blatantly infringe their copyright.

Phil Sherrell explains what the newest Digital Single Market changes mean for content creators...

Description: On Wednesday 25 May, the EU Commission announced new developments to its Digital Single Market agenda. A new draft Directive, a draft Regulation and a Communication, each include a number of...


Top of the league: How football clubs protect and exploit their...

The 2017/18 Premier League season kicked off on August 11th and the revenues of the league and its football clubs continue to go from strength...