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Where do we stand with Czech influencer marketing?

Until now, Trade Licensing Authorities have rather addressed compliance of influencer marketing with special requirements for certain types of products, such as tobacco or...

CMA turns its attention to platforms to combat hidden influencer marketing

Over the last decade, advertising has changed dramatically, with social media platforms gaining in importance compared to traditional outlets. In particular, brands have sought...

Do’s and Don’ts of Czech Influencer Marketing

If it's an ad – be transparent Advertisement is a broad term and it can cover any material that is published with the aim of...

Influencer Marketing: Danish influencers in trouble with Danish Marketing Practices Act

What is an influencer? Influencer marketing is a fast growing trend within marketing for advertisements, which has now been with us for several years. Still,...

#Advertisement must come first – Influencer Marketing in Hungary

We reported earlier this year that the Hungarian Competition Authority closed the review of the first decision on rules and obligations applicable to social...

Influencer Marketing in Italy: the “Digital Chart” introduces new rules for online marketing communications

On 29 April 2019 the so-called "Digital Chart" finally became part of the Italian Code of Marketing Communication Self-Regulation, moving from a mere guideline...

Influencer Marketing: How to hashtag in Hungary

The Kasza Tibi decision Back in 2016 the Competition Authority started investigating social media marketing practices of certain dominant Hungarian influencers, including musician Kasza Tibi....

Influencer marketing in Germany: Courts in Berlin try to find a balance between practicality...

In May 2018, a court in Berlin argued that influencers' social media posts will always be a commercial activity. In the court's...

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